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Operational Consultant Development

PT Environesia Global Saraya looking for the Environesia crew candidates, who have  ability to arrange the environmental doccument,  Amdal, UKL-UPL, KLHS, ect

Requirement :

  1. Bachelor degree’s from any majors
  2. Fresh graduate welcoming to apply
  3. Meticulous attention to detail and well-organized, responsible and dedicated.
  4. Strong communication skills with internal and external stakeholders, a positive attitude, and the ability to manage projects.
  5. Having good knowledge about environmental documents,  Amdal, UKL-UPL, KLHS, DELH, DPLH, etc.


Staff Operational Consultant Development


Grha. Environesia 2nd Floor
Jl. Jati Mataram No. 248 B, Mlati,
Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta

Company Capacity

1-50 Worker(s)

Operational Days

Regular time, Monday – Friday


Salary, Bonus, Health insurance, Free Beverage, Friendly workplace in Yogyakarta


Bahasa Indonesia

Subject: Hiring – Operational Consulting

Attach your application with the required documents (CV, KTP, ijazah, academic transcipt, relevant certificate, recent pas foto 4×6, link short video  resume  etc)